How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

One very budget-friendly way to update your kitchen is to invest in new cabinets. Cabinets, however, can be super expensive and may not be in your budget just now. That doesn’t mean that you can’t create the same impressive effect of new cabinets for a whole lot cheaper.

Check out some tips from Kate, a DIY home remodeling genius from Centsational Girl:

  1. Start by cleaning your cabinets and sanding them. Kate also suggests lightly sanding between paint coats to ultimately prevent the appearance of brush strokes.
  2. Use an oil-based primer since it has bonding agents and will dry to a hard finish.
  3. After the primer dries and you’ve sanded away any brush strokes, apply 2 coats of an oil-based paint. Though latex paint dries quicker, an oil-based paint will be more durable over time.

And here’s another method for painting your cabinets so that they look like new:

Thanks to DIY Life for the tips!