How to Make Your Own Duvet Covers


According to Tip Hero Rinchen, summer is a great time to sew for the home. She brought this great roundup to our attention, and we think a lot of your might find it useful. Take a look at some of the DIY duvet cover ideas features over at Tip Nut:

  • Simple Duvet Cover: you can make this cover out of your favorite fabric or even an old pair of sheets. Use ribbon to tie the sides closed.
  • Gathered Jersey Cover: use jersey knit sheets to create this soft cover that’s reminiscent of an Anthropology Cirrus duvet.
  • Patchwork Duvet Cover: here’s an adorable way to use up different fabric scraps in your possession.
  • Knotted Duvet Cover: this one is also inspired by an Anthropology favorite.

Find many more patterns and tutorials over at Tip Nut’s How to Make Duvet Covers.

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