How to Make Extra Cash by Mystery Shopping

Have you ever heard of people making extra money by posing as a customer and evaluating goods and services of a company? This is called mystery shopping, or secret shopping, and it can be a great way to earn a little extra cash.

Here’s How it Works:

Businesses hire mystery shoppers to go into a company and evaluate their services. As a shopper, you are given a list of things to evaluate, such as how long it takes to be greeted, speed of service, cleanliness of the location, etc. After completing the job, you submit your receipts and evaluations. Payments are usually made to mystery shoppers 1-8 weeks after submission of a successful shop.

How to Find Mystery Shopping Jobs

Erin from Frugal Living suggests trying as a place to start looking for jobs. There you’ll find a reputable list of mystery shopping companies. All you have to do is submit applications to the companies that you’re interested in working for. If your application is approved, you can access the company’s database of shops and then apply to those that interest you.

How Can You Avoid Scams?

There are unfortunately mystery shopping companies that are not reputable. Here are a few warning signs that you can look out for:

  • They require you to pay a fee
  • They require you to pay for and earn a shopper certification
  • They guarantee you shops or a set income

Check out the Mystery Shopper Providers Association to find out which mystery shopping companies are legitimate.

How Much Does Mystery Shopping Pay?

Mystery shopping is definitely not a way to get rich or make a living. It is just a way to make a little extra cash, meaning $10-$15 per shop in addition to the merchandise or services you receive. At a restaurant shop for example, you might get a free meal and a small fee for your time.

For much more information about mystery shopping, including what the typical job entails, what it takes to be a good mystery shopper and tips for achieving success, be sure to check out Mystery Shopping – What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Mystery Shopping.