How To Get Your Keyboard Back To Factory Fresh

I’m sorry to do this to you, but take a good look at your computer keyboard. Chances are, it’s pretty dirty, with dust, crumbs, and unidentified icky objects stuck between the keys. (And if it’s not, please— teach us your ways.) Considering how often we all eat lunch at our desks and everything we touch during the day, it just makes sense that our keys would take a beating. They don’t have to stay that way, though! Check out these tips from The Mama’s Girl on how to get your keyboard back to factory-fresh clean without dangerous soap and water.

All you need are two items: a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and an air duster. Then, make sure your computer is turned off (or your keyboard’s disconnected) and scrub away. The Mama’s Girl clarifies:

Simply take the corner of the Magic Eraser and rub gently. As soon as the key is clean move to the next to avoid over-scrubbing. You will notice little dust bits from the eraser, use the Air Duster to blow it away to avoid the dust from getting into the keyboard.

Nice, easy, and affordable. I’m off to take care of my own keyboard! What about you?