How to Get Others to Pay Your Fees

That pesky fine print sometimes isn’t enough to deter you from making a purchase. If you find yourself having to break a contract or otherwise incur fees, Young and Thrifty has some tips on how to get others to pick up your tab.

Breaking a Contract. Now, it goes without saying that the company that you want to break a contract with won’t be waiving and fees associated with that. But what about the company that you are wanting to move your services to? In the case of a mobile phone plan, if you tell the new company what it would cost to break your contract with your current plan, they might knock that amount off your start-up fees to switch to them, or offer merchandise in that amount.

Dealing with Loans. There are many extra fees associated with the real estate business. When switching mortgage lenders, the new lender would most likely be happy to cover any legal fees associated with buying or selling a house for your business with them.

Do you believe everything is negotiable? To see other ways to Get Others to Pay Your Fees check out Young and Thrifty.