This Cat Has the Most Beautiful Fur on His Back!

Bengal cats are some of the most beautiful creatures to exist in nature. Like their fearsome ancestors before them (you guessed it, Bengal tigers), these house cats are gifted with some of the most gorgeously captivating fur and eyes in the world, making them a rare commodity among cat-lovers. But you better believe if someone does get their hands on one of these hypnotizing pets, they’re going to make them an Instagram star.

And that’s exactly what happened for Thor the cat.

Thor the cat laying down.Geekologie
This three-year-old cat from Kortenberg, Belgium has become an internet superstar as of late, thanks in part to his magnificently colored fur and sharp, green eyes. Thor is half domesticated cat and half Asian leopard cat, making him very rare. His coat, which is a reddish-orange color, is mottled with spots and stripes that look like they’re straight from the wild.

In many of his online pictures, Thor looks just like a tiger or leopard on the prowl – just shrunk down to a much smaller size! And on top of all that, Thor has piercing green eyes, ones that let you know he’s the boss.

But while it might be a new Insta past-time to scroll through pictures of Thor being kooky with his gorgeous fur gleaming, Thor may not be the kind of cat you’ll be able to (or would want to) pick up at the pet store.

Thor the cat jumping.Bored Panda
Asian leopard cats are controversial felines, prized for their beauty, but infamous for their for their “wild” behavior. A first-generation Bengal is descended directly from one domestic and one wild parent, and these cats are very difficult to raise as pets, according to the Wild Cat Sanctuary in Minnesota.

Even later generations can exhibit wild tendencies that make them tough to handle. The sanctuary writes that they get around 20 calls each month from owners who are trying to give up their Bengal cats. Some U.S. states and cities have even put laws in place to ban or restrict having Bengals as pets.

But for people who admire these “wild” qualities and know what they’re getting into, the Bengal cat is a beautiful specimen to share a home with – as made clear by Thor! Thor, it seems, is a pretty manageable Bengal cat; while he loves to play and clearly has abundant energy, it’s obvious Thor just wants to lay in bed and snuggle most of the time.

Thor the cat sleeping on the bed.Bored Panda
This luxurious life of napping and being photographed for his many booming social channels is varied by daily walks, playtime, and getting into some pretty fun hi jinx, we would imagine! While owning a Bengal sounds a little tough to handle, we have no problem admiring this beautiful cat from afar! It’s hard not to want one though, even knowing what we know – he’s just so beautiful.

What do you think of Thor and his beautiful coat of fur? Are you just as mesmerized as we are? Do you own a Bengal cat? If so, please share your experiences and pictures of your kitty in the comments section below.