This Firefighter’s Pup Rescue Will Warm Your Heart

Pit bulls tend to get a bad rap as being overly aggressive and one of the worst among dog breeds. Pits can be difficult to adopt and are often abandoned by their owners, even the ones with the sweetest of personalities. But for some of us, seeing any puppy thrown to the wayside always tugs the heartstrings.

When firefighter Mike Thawley and crew were out on a call one stormy day, they noticed a stranded puppy that was tied to a tree. According to an article by The Sacramento Bee, they passed it again on the way back, and stopped to rescue it from the rain. Thawley cut the cord around the little pup’s neck and put a warm blanket on her during the ride back to the fire station.

Nicknamed Chunk, the entire firehouse crew was charmed by her presence. Thawley gave the pit bull pup a bath and a little bit of TLC before deciding on what to do with her. He took Chunk, also called Chunky, to the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento for a proper checkup and to help her find a home. It was obvious she was not well, as she was found with fur problems and swollen limbs.

Image of puppy and rescuer reunion.Eric Andersson
The team at Front Street diagnosed Chunky with mange, and she immediately began receiving treatment. Thawley was so enamored with the puppy that he visited her the next day at the shelter and they enjoyed a sweet reunion that was caught on camera. She looked a little lonely and apprehensive sitting in her cage until she saw him walk up.

Chunky’s tail started wagging as she saw the kind man approach and opened the door. As Thawley bent down to greet her, she immediately warmed up to her new friend. She jumped and pawed at him, and can be seen giving him puppy kisses too! After being dressed in a cute purple sweatshirt, the two took a short stroll and Chunky had some pep in her step. She looked so happy to be reunited with her rescuer!

What’s even sweeter is that as of last week, Mike Thawley and his family have taken Chunky to provide foster care. The Sacramento Fire Department shared a video on their Facebook page of the family picking Chunky up from the shelter. Surrounded by news cameras and shelter staff, it was all smiles, “awwws,” and cheerful tail wags as she walked out to the warm welcome.

Image of puppy kissing firefighter.Eric Andersson
Though already dog owners of two, it seems Thawley and his wife’s teenage daughters fell in love with Chunky too, and they are thinking about adopting her. They will continue to help her work through her mange diagnosis while she’s under their care. It’s clear that Chunky has an entire entourage of people who are showing her love and support!

We hope to see Chunky’s double rescue by firefighter Mike Thawley turn into a forever home tale! Front Street’s spokesman revealed that the shelter takes in about 11,000 animals per year and they’re able to help them through kind donations from the public. What do you think of Chunky’s story? Are you a softie when it comes to animals too? Tell us in the comments!