This Dog Has the Best Reaction to the Radio

This car ride seems like any other at first. A young woman is driving with her adorable dog, Honey, in the passengers seat, sitting in silence. Suddenly, she reaches over and casually turns on the radio.

You’re not thinking too much about it as she flips on Michael Jackson’s classic, “Will You Be There.” But it quickly becomes clear why this pet owner set up a camera in her car; her dog is about to do a little performance for all of us.

Almost as soon as the music comes on, the pooch in the throws back his head and starts to howl! He starts to howl so quickly and passionately that we can barely hear what the song is underneath. It’s not until the driver starts to sing along that we hear it’s the Michael Jackson classic.

Honestly, the dog’s howling is pretty spot-on with the music! He’s singing right along with the beat, clearly very excited by the opportunity to sing along to the music.

Honey the dog singing along to the radio.Facebook via I Love My Dog
We love how the young woman is just singing along with the music casually, as if her dog isn’t causing a raucous noise in the seat next to her. She’s got such a big smile on her face, she obviously loves when her pooch decides to chime in.

At one point, towards the end of the video, it looks like he’s all done howling (or, uh, singing) so the driver goes to turn off the camera — but at the last minute, the dog decides to pick it back up again! We only hear the start of his rousing rendition before the camera sadly goes off.

Thanks to the hilarious Facebook page, I Love My Dog, for sharing this amazing video with us! For all of the hilarious dog videos you could ever ask for, you have to check out this adorable page.

What do you think of this cute singing video? Was this not exactly what you were expecting to happen? Share your thoughts on this pup’s funny solo in the comments section below.