Watch This Hilarious Dog Attempt to Play Hide and Seek With His Owner!

Dogs usually have an uncanny way of sticking by their owner’s sides. I know that my dog does everything he can to stay in the same chair – or bed! – with me at all time. They are all just big love bugs! Take Nico for instance. Judging by this video, he seems to be attached at the hip to his owner. Trouble is, she likes to hide from him—and he’s not so great at finding her!

Lately, there have been a slew of viral videos involving owners playing hide and seek with their pups—which honestly, doesn’t seem quite fair to me! You see, humans have the gift of reason and logic; if you get a smart one, he or she will usually decide on a good hiding place within that pivotal ten second countdown.

Now, let’s consider our canine buddies. You would think that these animals would actually do better than their owners at this game because of their advantage of having heightened senses. Nevertheless, it seems that most just don’t! Maybe their sniffers don’t work as well as we think they do!

Nico the dog – the fumbling hero of our story – is an adorable mutt who, I’m quite sure, has a ton of strong points. For instance, he’s super fast and devilishly handsome. You can also tell that he loves to play games, though it’s obvious that he is rarely the winner!

dog stares at camera while his owner hides behind doorUNILAD
This head-scratcher starts with the doggy’s owner hiding behind an open door, and calling over to him. Nico then runs into the room like a bat out of hell, trying to find his beloved human friend. But, after giving the room a super quick once over, he retreats back into the living room.

His owner calls to him several more times, but the silly doggy just repeats his same half-hearted searching routine. As she continues to call him by his name, the dog becomes more frantic. I gotta say, after watching this, my heart really goes out to the poor guy!

Debatably, the funniest part of this whole video is hearing Nico running around in the living room and kitchen off-camera. The silly pup doesn’t realize that simply barging into a room doesn’t help spot a hiding person.

Dog stands on couch while owner hides behind doorUNILAD
Eventually, Nico’s owner gets frustrated with his seeking abilities – or lack thereof – and exclaims, “You’re so stupid!” Even though I personally don’t endorse the act of calling a furry friend “stupid,” I must admit that she kind of does have point!

Dog showing his profile while looking for owner hiding behind doorUNILAD
This newly minted viral video has garnered over 123 MILLION views on Facebook alone! Clearly, people can’t get enough of sharing this raucous clip with family and friends.

Watch Nico search for his mortified owner in the video below. We dare you to view this one without at least cracking a smile!

What do you think about Nico’s hide and seek skills? Do you ever play hide and seek with your dog? If so, is he or she better or worse than this pup? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!