Cooking Techniques That Save You Money

If you’re looking to add more variety to your cooking on the cheap, a cookbook full of complicated recipes may not be the answer. If you instead focus on some basic cooking techniques and skills, you may be able to expand your culinary repertoire. Check out some techniques you should try your hand at, courtesy of YumSugar:

  • Learn How to Chiffonade: learning how to chiffonade things like basil and mint can help you to create more interesting meals on the cheap.
  • Learn How to Poach Eggs: YumSugar likes to pouch eggs and add some homemade hollandaise sauce and prosciutto to them for a brunch treat. This can save you from heading out for Sunday brunch (and will give you more breakfast options!)
  • Shuck Your Own Oysters: save money when you have a craving for fresh oysters by learning this technique.
  • Learn How to Roast Red Peppers: roast peppers in the oven to easily add flavor to things like pizzas, sandwiches, pasta sauces and spreads.

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