Cleaning Tech Devices with an Eraser

Those pink pearl erasers you may have lying around in your junk drawer have more uses than erasing pencil off of paper. Try these tech cleaning tricks from Unplggd for those tricky electrical devices that you can’t get wet. Make sure that you have a clean eraser to start with. If you have an old eraser, just rub on carpet or old jeans to rejuvenate and follow the instructions below!

  1. Memory Cards: flip over and use eraser to buff out metallic piece on the back.
  2. Cartridge Games: use the same technique as above and blow out any residual eraser lint/shavings from the process.
  3. Computer Scuffs and Grime: since you can’t wash your dirty laptop, erase the dirt with your eraser. This also works for keyboard keys and the back of your mouse.
  4. Cell Phone Keys: clean the buttons with a good eraser to get rid of everyday dirt and grime. Don’t try this on touch screen phones, though!
  5. Remote Control Buttons: if your remote suffers from Cheeto or chip film, use an eraser on the tiny nooks and crannies.
  6. Source: 5 Household Tech Items You Can Clean with an Eraser

    Thanks to Lifehacker for the heads up!