This Little Boy Wowed the Crowd at a Rascal Flatts Concert with His Fearless Dancing

One of the fun things about going to a live concert is being part of a community of fellow music lovers. You’re all there ready to rock with one of your favorite artists, where sing-a-longs, dancing, and general revelry are in the atmosphere. When the music gets you out of your seat, you know it’s going down.

Sometimes, what’s going on in the crowd is pretty turned up. You know that feeling when the beat hits you? It’ll start as a foot tap or head bop, and maybe slowly turn into a sway. But then it gradually builds up until your whole body gets in on the action. Either you stop out of embarrassment, or you keep going!

Getting caught up in the moment is exactly what happened to a little boy at a Rascal Flatts concert in Kentucky. And not only did he roll with the feeling, but ended up stealing the spotlight. He stole it and kept it all to himself! But the kicker was that the band wasn’t even performing at the time. Who knew intermission could be so entertaining?

Image of boy dancing with arms out.

In this video below from Kirsten LeAnn, LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” can be heard blaring through the venue. We don’t get to see his warm-up, but the little guy is standing in the aisle busting dance moves like a seasoned backup dancer. With him clapping his hands and pumping his fists, the audience is getting hyped up too!

At first, only his section is enjoying the action, but his moves soon draw the attention of the spotlight and then the party really starts rocking. He’s popping, and stomping, and rolling his arms, and jumping. What’s funny is that everyone around him is in their seats watching him. No one tries to get up and join in, but they do clap and cheer him on. It’s all about this fearless kid. Watch out!

Image of boy dancing.Kirsten LeAnn

As the youngster’s freestyle performance continues, he points to the left, then to the right, working the crowd like a pro. And then the rainbow party lights start flashing. It’s really lit now. Right on cue, the boy’s dance gets a boost from the flashing lights as he continues to ebb and flow with the beat. It makes you wonder if he’s been practicing or if he was born with these party-rocking skills.

The end of his routine is everything, though— a power-up move with a side of grin. Kirsten LeAnn’s YouTube video has been viewed over eight million times, and it wouldn’t surprise us if he ends up with a future career in choreography. Too cute! It’s clear that he could take out lots of adults in a dance-off.

Can you relate to wanting to let loose like this, like when your favorite song comes on, when finals week is over, or when you win a lottery scratch-off? Find your own intermission and let the rhythm take you to our happy place like this kid. Have you ever danced in public like this before? What song makes you want to get in the groove? Tell us in the comments!