8 Everyday Object Makeovers That Are More Brilliant Than We Could Have Ever Imagined

They say you shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Well, we don’t really know who “they” are, but while we may agree that we should leave the wheel alone, we still think there’s room for improvement with pretty much everything. Luckily, lots of other people agree, and their efforts are rounded-up in this post from Wimp. Here are 8 object makeovers that make things better, brighter, or in some cases, just more fun! Meet:

  1. A Better Bunkbed

    A space-saver perfect for playing, sleeping, reading, and keeping organized.
  2. An Inspiring Workspace

    It’s a piano-desk! The former music-maker now supports creativity of a different kind.
  3. A Bendy Bike Lock

    Thieves won’t even THINK about stealing this bike— they’ll be too confused!
  4. A Superior Staircase

    Whether you’re on foot or in a wheelchair, the designers of this staircase thought about YOU and about elegance.
  5. An Excuse-Proof Toilet Paper Holder

    Your family’s out of reasons not to replace the roll.
  6. A Catnap-Ready Coffee Table

    Your cat will love being the middle of the action. You’ll love the space you’re saving on a cat bed.
  7. A Wrap-Worthy Way to Carry Pencils

    Make carrying around those school supplies a little more fun.
  8. A Camouflaged Peephole

    Get a glimpse of the next room in an unexpected way with this fish-eye doorknob.

Want more where those came from? Check out Wimp’s original list for four more object makeovers, including more fun for your cat and a better toothpaste tube. Which one is your favorite?