8 Money-Saving Car Tips

Cars are money-eating vehicles, and that’s just the truth. Unfortunately, for most of us, cars are a necessity and we wouldn’t be able to live our day to day lives without them. Whether you’re just looking to save a few bucks on car related expenses or you’re aiming to avoid those astronomical repair bills in the future, take a look at some of these money-saving car tips from Live Cheap.

  1. Inflate Your Tires Each Month: low tires pressure burns 3.3% more gas. Make sure you keep your tires at the proper tires pressure!
  2. Measure Your Mileage: doing this can act as an early alarm. Fuel efficiency does decline a bit as time goes on, but if you see a drastic drop in mileage per tank, something is most likely wrong and you should get the car checked out.
  3. Get the Junk out of the Trunk: excess weight in your trunk can lower your mileage by 2% for every 100 pounds. So store heavy stuff at home if you don’t need it in your car.
  4. Plan Your Weekends Together: spend some time in the “family car” instead of carting multiple cars around for errands and whatnot.

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