5 Free Resources for Online Tax Preparation

As you prepare to send in this year’s income taxes, there’s no need to pay any more than you have to. Let’s face it: you may already be paying a pretty penny to Uncle Sam. The following resources can at least help you prepare your federal taxes for free. Take a look:

  • Free File: the listings here are provided for free by the IRS and other display companies and services that meet the IRS’ standards for filing. Free File is the biggest and most popular free tax service around.
  • Fillable PDF Forms: if your taxes are fairly simple and you have some confidence about filing, you can fill out your own PDF version of standard forms (available through Free File).
  • H&R Block: H&R Block is allowing completion of basic online tax prep this year. For free, you’ll be able to e-file at the federal level (state e-filing costs $27.95). For those who have simple tax taxes (no dependants, mortgage, or other deductions; income under $100K; filing as single or married filing jointly), you can also go into any H&R Block office and get your federal taxes filed for free.

For more information about these services and to learn about 2 other free services, head over to Money Crashers’ Top 5 Free Online Tax Preparation Software & Services.