5 Easy Ways to Dress Up a Burger

Hamburgers are great in that they are relatively cheap and can be an all-in-one meal. Burgers don’t have to be a bore though. There are many ways to make your burger more exciting on the cheap. Here are just a few ideas from Life as Mom:

Caramelized Onions

These are so easy to make and add class to any burger. Simply saute sliced onions in some oil or melted butter until they go limp and start turning brown. Season with salt and pepper and then add to your burger for a nice onion flavor without the bite.

Flavored Mayonnaise

Try any of these recipes to make a cheap flavored addition to your burger:

A Fancy Bun

Make your burger infinitely more exciting by making your own gourmet-style buns.

What’s your favorite way to jazz up a burger on the cheap?

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