3 Tips for Preserving Your Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year. If you’re getting a Christmas tree for your home, are you using an artificial one or going for the real deal? If you’re getting a real tree and want to ensure that it lasts and stays fresh throughout the season, take a leaf out of Mrs. Fixit’s book:

  1. Shake your tree to make sure needles aren’t dropping off. You also want to reach into the trunk area and scratch the bark. If there is green on the back side of the bark, the tree is fresh.
  2. Make sure to cut 2 inches from the end of the trunk before you put it up. This will ensure maximum water absorbancy.
  3. Mix together a gallon of warm water with 4 tablespoons of iron powder, 4 tablespoons of bleach and 2 cups of corn syrup. Water the tree with this mixture to preserve it.

Thanks to Mrs. Fixit for the tips!