27 Mexican Recipes That Are Perfect for Cinco de Mayo

The weather is warmer and the food is getting spicier, which can only mean one thing— Cinco de Mayo is here! Others may long for the food of fall or winter holidays, but for our money, there’s nothing tastier than the Mexican flavors of this summertime feast. Thanks to innovative chefs, travelling foodies and cross-cultural kitchens, there are more exciting recipes to try than ever before, so you have no excuse to stick with some bland take-out or cafeteria-style tacos— especially when we’ve put together an awesome list for you! Inspired by Delish’s gallery of Cinco de Mayo recipes, we’ve put together our own collection of recipes perfect for the holiday. Read on for the Mexican, the Tex-Mex, the Mexico-inspired, and everything in between, and celebrate!

  1. Zesy Rice Skillet

  2. One of our favorite things about dishes from this great food tradition? How the simplest meals are also the most delicious! Case-in-point is this zesty dish that’s also one-pot!

  3. Sweet Potato Skins
  4. MexicanSweetPotatoSkinsHeaderTipHero

    How do you give potato skins a Mexican twist? Make them in sweet potatoes and add corn, beans, peppers, and spice!

  5. Pizza
  6. Mexican_PizzaTip Hero

    Another dish getting a Mexican twist? Pizza! This one uses tortillas for the crust, enchilada sauce, and all your favorite spicy toppings.

  7. Lasagna

  8. Want another Mexican-Italian hybrid? Try this lasagna made with salsa and corn tortillas . . .

  9. Southwestern Lasagna
  10. SouthwesternLasagnaHeaderTipHero

    . . . this version that loses the tortillas for traditional noodles but keeps the Tex-Mex flavor . . .

  11. Spaghetti Bake

  12. . . . or this spaghetti bake that’s totally adaptable. We’re fans of using ground turkey!

  13. Fried Ice Cream
  14. 20160121_Mexican_Ice_CreamHeaderTipHero

    You can’t have a party without dessert, and it doesn’t get more delightful than fried ice cream coated in chocolate, cinnamon, and caramel.

  15. Hot Chocolate Fudge

  16. What makes chocolate fudge hot and Mexican? Cinnamon and cayenne pepper that gives it an amazing kick!

  17. One-Pan Quinoa
  18. One Pan Mexican QuinoaTipHero

    Healthy and easy quinoa is boring no longer when you make it with black beans, jalapeños, corn and more!

  19. Elote

  20. What’s elote? A Mexican style of corn on the cob, topped with butter, mayo, lime and cotija cheese for summer taste like no other!

  21. Crullers

  22. You might know them as churros, but whatever you call them, they’re a delicious Cinco de Mayo classic.

  23. Taco Braid
  24. TacoBraidHeaderTipHero

    Can’t imagine celebrating without tacos on the table? Mix things up a little with this delicious Taco Braid . . .

  25. Taco Ring

  26. . . . or this made-to-share Taco Ring!

  27. Slow Cooker Carnitas
  28. carnitas-1-3a | TipHero

    Want something a little more traditional? You can’t go wrong with carnitas— especially when they’re so easily made in the slow cooker!

  29. Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas
  30. ChickenFajitas-1-4a | TipHero

    The slow cooker’s good for more! Chicken fajitas have never been easier.

  31. Easy Oven Chicken Fajitas
  32. Oven Chicken FajitasTip Hero

    Can’t wait for the crock-pot? Try this recipe instead!

  33. Homemade Crunchwrap Supreme

  34. Is your experience with Mexican less traditional and more Taco Bell? Inch closer to the real stuff with this DIY Crunchwrap Supreme that uses real ingredients, not fake fast food stuff.

  35. Guacamole Pretzel Tacos
  36. Pretzel_TacosTipHero

    It’s not Cinco de Mayo without some of the good green stuff! Have fun with your guacamole with these pretzel “tacos” . . .

  37. Deep-Fried Guacamole

  38. . . . deep fry it for a crunchy take . . .

  39. Avocado Jicama Dip

  40. . . . introduce it to jicama for a delicious dip . . .

  41. Perfect Guacamole

  42. . . . or just make the perfect traditional guac!

  43. Street Corn Nachos

  44. Turn traditional “street corn” into nachos for a party-ready snack. You won’t believe how much you’ll love the corn in this dish!

  45. Shrimp Quesadillas

  46. We can’t forget about the Gulf of Mexico’s influence— and that means shrimp! Try serving them up quesadilla-style for a spicy, sizzling seafood treat.

  47. Beef Quesadilla Cake

  48. Prefer your quesadillas to be more meaty? Beef them up in both senses of the word with this stack of five quesadillas.

  49. Beef Tamale Pie

  50. If quesadillas can be a cake, tamales can be a pie! This one is easy and made with cornbread!

  51. Blood Orange Margaritas

  52. Come on. You didn’t think we’d forget the drinks, did you? The blood orange makes these margs extra celebratory!

  53. Cheesy Baked Chicken Enchiladas

  54. You can’t go wrong with a classic, especially when it’s as easy and delicious as these baked enchiladas. This dish is SURE to be a crowd-pleaser.

Want even more where these recipes came from? We don’t blame you— you can never have enough Mexican food, especially on Cinco de Mayo! Check out the list at Delish for even more culinary inspiration!