25 Cheap Recipes for Frozen Broccoli


When it comes to veggies, you can’t get much cheaper than frozen broccoli. So adding more into your diet can not only be good for you, it can be good for your budget. Check out some thrifty recipe ideas from Wise Bread:

  1. Green Up Your Pizza: use chopped up frozen broccoli, with the excess moisture squeezed out, as a roasted topping for homemade pizza. You could use your own pizza dough with an inventive pizza sauce with other vegetable add-ons to make for a gourmet-style pizza on the cheap.
  2. Craft Homemade Asian Dumplings: this recipe calls for precooked veggies, so frozen broccoli works perfectly.
  3. Add Some Bang to Your Breakfast Smoothie: try a more affordable way to sneak greens into your smoothie (and not taste them). Here’s a recipe you can try.
  4. Homemade Hot Pockets: use puff pastry, cheese and some frozen broccoli (with other choice veggies) to make your very own hot pockets.
  5. Cream of Broccoli Soup: this is great for any cold day and is easy to whip up if you have prepared a batch of fat free cream soup mix.
  6. Make a Mixed-Veggie Side Dish: mix other frozen veggies with your broccoli to create a great veggie casserole.

Find many more recipe ideas over at Wise Bread’s 25 Cheap and Tasty Frozen Broccoli Recipes.



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