25 Cheap and Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

The crock pot can be a money-saving lifesaver for busy people. Just toss ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning and you’re set for a delicious dinner at night! You’re also, of course, not limited to creating dinners – you can easily prepare breakfast in bulk, hearty side dishes and even desserts. Here are just some more ideas for you to play with courtesy of Wise Bread:

  1. Shredded Buffalo Chicken: the crock pot offers a wonderful way to create tender and flavorful buffalo chicken for sandwiches for lunch or dinner.
  2. Italian Chicken: this two-ingredient recipe could’t be easier to make. Just pair this main dish with some veggies if you want to make a full one-pot meal.
  3. Potato Soup: use cream or milk to make this delicious comfort food dish that’s perfect for the crock pot.
  4. Indian Spiced Chickpea Quinoa Stew: this is a great gluten-free option for dinner. Chop up the veggies the night before and toss in the crock pot in the morning for a delicious stew dinner.
  5. Wild Rice with Cranberries: here’s a hearty side dish that makes good use of cranberries and almonds or pecans.
  6. Strawberry Scoop Cake: cake in the crock pot – who knew? Use strawberry pie filling, strawberry cake mix and melted butter to make this scoop cake in your slow cooker.
  7. Apple Cinnamon Congee: this recipe creates a nice gluten-free porridge, using short grain rice, for breakfast.

Find many more easy slow cooker recipes over at Wise Bread’s 25 Great, Cheap, and Easy Crock Pot Recipes.