Stock up on Crescent Rolls. You’re Going to Want to Make All 20 of These Genius Recipes!

All hail the versatility of the crescent roll. Honestly, it’s like magic in a tube. With this one ingredient you can make appetizers, dinners and desserts perfect for parties, game day or for a quick, improvised dinner. Get some inspiration for your next crescent roll masterpiece with these 20 simple, yummy recipes.


1 . Apple Dumplings

Slice up some apples, roll them in crescent rolls, stick them in the oven and – poof! You’ve got a delicious fall dessert. I would add a little cinnamon sugar mix in there to really amp up the fall flavor.


2. Mozzarella Stuffed Garlic Crescents

This looks downright gourmet. Perfect for a slightly fancier occasion, these mozzarella stuffed crescent rolls are baked with the perfect mixture of garlic and herbs (that’s a roundabout way of saying garlic bread – yum).

3. Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels

Bacon + Cheese + the doughy goodness of crescent rolls = these pinwheels that you need to go make immediately.

cheddarpinwheels-1-9aKelsey Kinser

4. Personal Pepperoni Pizza Pies

Personal pizzas are always a hit. How about a personal pizza all wrapped into one soft, breaded pouch? More like an epic win.

pizza_hand_pieKelsey Kinser

5. Grilled Cheese Bites

Cheese lovers, listen up! Grilled. Cheese. Bites…That is all.

6. Cheeseburger Cups

These adorable little cheeseburger cups are perfect for a last minute dinner! Your kids are guaranteed to love them.

7. Maple Bacon Butter Bars

Similar to peanut brittle, these maple bacon butter bars are the perfect union of sweet and savory. This is a really unexpected treat to whip up, especially for the bacon lovers in your life!

maplebaconpie-1-6aKelsey Kinser

8. Chocolate Caramel Croissants

Spoiler alert: that’s a Cadbury Creme Egg inside that croissant. I know.

9. Giant Pretzel

So TECHNICALLY this is made out of Pillsbury pizza dough…but let’s think outside the box here. A tube of crescent rolls and a tube of pizza dough aren’t so different, right? Mold those bad boys together and you’ve got one giant pretzel perfect for game night!


10. Sausage and Blue Cheese Cups

Crescent rolls are perfect for cup recipes, such as this delicious sausage and blue cheese cup recipe below! Just fill the dough into a muffin tin and add your desired ingredients.

11. Monkey Bread

If you’ve never had monkey bread SHAME ON YOU. Just kidding, but you need to make this recipe immediately. Use crescent rolls and a Crockpot to make this gooey recipe extra simple.

12. Personalized Calzones

These calzones are so simple! Just wrap a roll around whatever you’d like inside your calzone and bake! It’s that simple.

13. Mini Chili Bowls

Have you ever had chili so good you wanted to eat the bowl? Well, now you can with this doughy chili bowl!

14. Turnovers

Turnovers are just as easy as those personalized calzones. You can put whatever you’d like inside the crescent rolls, fold and bake! (Mushrooms are shockingly good turnover ingredients.)

15. Mini Pot Pies

Pot pies definitely take me back to snow days in elementary school. Now, I can relive that lazy-day feeling with these muffin tin pot pies, using (you guessed it) crescent rolls.

16. Doughnuts

Sorry, doughnut stores, you’ve lost my business. With oil, a pan and crescent rolls, you can make donuts of your own creation! Open up your own doughnut store, for goodness sake.

17. Taco Pops

I’m speechless. Can you imagine how easy these would be to dip in sour cream and guacamole? Wow.

18. Pecan Bars

If your regular crust is too hard for your liking, try making your pecan bars with crescent rolls next time! Sure to come out doughy and sweet, you’ll make your best batch yet.

19. Broccoli Chicken Ring

Not only is this broccoli chicken ring delicious and bursting with cheesy flavor, but it looks as good as it tastes! Talk about presentation.

20. Sopapilla Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

It’s a long name, but I guess they had a hard time naming something so unbelievably delicious. Pour some honey on top, and you’ve got a treat to cure any sweet tooth.

I think we’ve done the crescent roll justice today, but let’s be honest, there are a million more creative ways to use these rolls! Do you have any recipes using these crescents? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.