15 Hair Makeovers That Are So Extreme You’ll Think They’re Different People

Joan with beehive before daughters give makeover on Oprah

A makeover, when it’s done correctly, is all about letting inner beauty shine through to the outside and playing up an individual’s best features. When that individual hasn’t really paid attention to her look or taken care of herself for a while, that transformation can be like a rebirth, and the results are like a new person has walked into the room. The element that often causes the biggest double-takes? Hair! Whether it’s with a cut, a dye job, or some smart styling, changing somebody’s hair can change the person. Just take a look at what it did for these people!

  1. Charity Ages Up

  2. The thing about hair is how the wrong haircut can dramatically effect how old people think you are. Take Charity: three feet of hair on the 4-foot-11 woman made people think she was only a child! Post-transformation, though? She looks her age without looking “old.”

  3. Diane Ages Down

  4. Other times? Hair can add years to your appearance! Diane also had three extra feet of hair, but it makes her look so much older. After a decades-overdue cut, she not only looks her age, she looks younger.

  5. Mary’s First Haircut

  6. When Mary first walks out, the audience thinks she’s 40 years old, but she’s not. She’s actually only 23, and she’s never had a haircut— until now.

  7. The Sisters

  8. These sisters were often mistaken for mother and daughter, and between caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s and six children, neither one has paid much attention to self-care— until now.

  9. Josh The Caveman

  10. It’s not just the ladies who look completely different with a fresh hairdo. With beards in the mix, sometimes men’s makeovers are even more dramatic! Just look at the before and after of Josh and his “caveman” look.

  11. Rocker Couple

  12. Tim and Wendy loved each other and their late eighties look, but everybody else thought they were due for an update. So they transformed their looks, and took their love to the next level!

  13. Daniel the Metalhead

  14. For whatever reason, people who really build their image around a certain type of music seem to get stuck in the past with their hair! Prime examples? Daniel the metalhead, who’s had a mullet since junior high . . .

  15. Larry the Grunge Rocker

  16. . . . and Larry the grunge rocker, who’s had the same look since 1992!

  17. Sarah the “Bronde”

  18. A makeover doesn’t have to be drastic to have dramatic results! Just look how a simple, natural change in color and curl type brightens up and changes Sarah’s face!

  19. The Twins

  20. Your look should reflect your personality and your individuality— even if you’re a twin! (Especially if you’re a twin, really.) Just look how these identical twins go from the exact same tired look to unique, fabulous ones all their own.

  21. Jason the Farmer

  22. Sometimes it’s the hair on the FACE, not the head, that needs a big cut, and there’s no better example than Jason, who used to walk around with a beard fit for a billy goat. The change to his look is amazing.

  23. Beryl with the Pink Hair

  24. Other times, there’s no problem with length; it’s the color that needs an update! And if you’re going to go with a crazy color like pink, you’ve got to own the look and go big or go home. Just look what it does for Beryl!

  25. The Life Changers

  26. A haircut can be so much more than a just a new look. When it encourages people like this teacher and this grandmother to take care of themselves and let their inner beauty shine, it’s truly a life-changing experience.

  27. The Moms

  28. Who sacrifices their “me time” more than moms? Nobody. So of course, nobody deserves a makeover more! Look what a little hair care can do for these sweet mothers.

  29. Joan And Her Beehive

  30. Joan had been doing her hair once a week for 37 years, and always in the same style: a beehive. So her daughters took her on The Oprah Winfrey Show for an overdue, incredible update.

How great are these makeovers? And you know the absolute best part about all of them? How HAPPY the people are! Taking care of yourself really does matter. Have you ever dramatically transformed your hair – or any other part of your look – like this? What are some of the most amazing makeovers YOU’VE ever seen?