10 Ways to Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Traveling on the cheap isn’t so easy to do these days. However, armed with the right knowledge and tools, you could save a good chunk of change on airline tickets. Take a look at some useful advice from Frugal Dad:

  1. Leverage the Internet: instead of using Expedia or Travelocity to merely compare airfares, try using Airfarewatchdog.com and Yapta.com to actually find the cheapest fares out there.
  2. Book a Wednesday Flight: Wednesday is historically the cheapest day to travel domestically, but Tuesdays and Saturdays follow behind in a close second. Also, leaving early or choosing a red eye flight will save you some money.
  3. Stay on the Case: if the price of your existing itinerary drops after your purchase, you may have the ability to obtain a refund. Some airlines will only grant you a refund if the price drop is over a certain threshold, but airlines like JetBlue and Alaska Airlines offer then for any fare reduction. Yapta.com will actually automatically send you an alert if the price of your flight drops after you book.
  4. Insider Tip:

    When you are searching the Internet for the best fare and filling in your search criteria, you will be asked how many seats you are trying to book. Even if you are booking for the whole family, always start by indicating that you are booking for a single traveler.

    Here’s the deal: if there are two seats left at a lower price, and you enter “four passengers” in the search criteria, the system will automatically assign all four travelers the same higher-priced seats, rather than giving you two cheap seats and two at the higher rate. It will take you longer to make the reservation, but if there are cheap seats still available on your flight, this technique will help you snag them.

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