Before you cash in all of that spare change you’ve been holding on to, you might want to take a closer look. Did you know that there are unsuspecting coins in circulation today that are worth hundreds? Take a look at some coins that are worth much more than others of their kind:

Rare Kansas quarters that mistakenly read “In God We Rust” were created because of a grease smudge on the pressing machine. These are worth a whopping $100 each.


Since there is an extra line below the front left leaf, the 2004 Wisconsin state quarter is worth up to $300.


Steel pennies from 1945 that were printed from WWII are worth $10 each.


Did you know that Ben Franklin used to grace the half dollar from 1948-1963? In 1963, he was replaced by JFK. So if you can find a rare half dollar featuring Franklin, you’ll be holding a coin worth $125.


A silver quarter from 1932-1964 in the right condition will land you $65.