The Judds sold over 20 million albums. The mother daughter duo compromised of Wynonna Judd and her mother Naomi Judd had 14 number one singles and won 5 Grammies.

Naomi retired in 1990, but The Judds still reunited for the occasional performance. Their very last performance together was in April of this year at the CMT Music Awards. One day before they were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Naomi took her own life.

Naomi’s daughter Ashely Judd was tasked by her family with speaking publicly about her mother’s death. She was there the day it happened. She’s the one who found her and knew how she died – a gunshot wound.

Wynonna recently sat down for her very first interview since her mother’s death. She talked about what it was like singing with her mother. Through examples of their relationship, it sounds like the mother daughter harmony was much better on stage than off. While their voices blended together well, sometimes they clashed behind the scenes. Yet, there was still a special bond.

Wynonna says that she misses her mother and is “angry” at her mother for leaving. Yet, Wynonna is also reflecting on the good memories of her mother. For example, one time her Naomi told her, “My life is better because of you.” Instead of feeling so much anger, Wynonna is trying to focus more on the positive memories.

Wynonna previously said she would honor her mother by continuing to sing and perform. A reunion tour of The Judds was announced weeks before her mother’s death. Instead of canceling the tour, Wynonna is going through with it, singing without her mother by her side.

Watch the video below to hear more of what Wynonna had to say about her mother and how her mother’s death has impacted her relationship with her sister, Ashley.