Guys, I’ve got a confession to make—I’m terrible at wrapping gifts. I’m so terrible, in fact, that every holiday season I end up spending a ton of extra money on gift bags just so that I don’t have to deal with wrapping paper! Fortunately, I recently learned of an amazing gift wrapping hack that I’m going to share with you today.

This particular one will help you wrap those dreaded tube-shaped presents. Don’t worry—this hack is so much easier than it looks!

We’ve got a wonderful host to help us through our process. Her name is Jane Means, and she is, quite literally, a professional gift wrapper. Yep, I didn’t know that job existed either, but according to her bio, she boasts some pretty impressive clientele.

Here’s how she deals with wrapping up those odd-shaped cylindrical gifts. Follow these steps for a PERFECT wrap:

  1. Measure your paper

    gift wrap featuredWHSmith

    This step is extremely important. Before making any big cuts, do your best to ensure that the amount of paper used is enough to wrap around the entire gift. There should also be an overlap on either side of the tube so that the top and bottom can be properly covered in a later step.

    Starting from the side closest to you, make about a one centimeter fold across the entire edge of the wrapping paper. After it is properly creased, take an ultra-thin slice of double-sided tape and stick it on so that it covers the entire width of the fold.

    Grab the end that is furthest from you and connect it snugly to the side that has been taped. The paper should be able to adhere easily to itself.

  2. Pleat in the edges

    gift wrap pleatWHSmith

    Be sure the cylindrical gift is in the dead center of the paper, then take one end and fold it tightly against its round side. Next, prop up the gift so that it is standing up vertically. You will want to then focus on the open end of the wrapping paper. Do your best to pleat this side by planting one finger in the center. You should be using your index finger and thumb to shape the pleats.

  3. Remove excess paper

    gift wrap trimWHSmith

    If you have a bit of excess paper at the top after your pleating process is finished, simply take your scissors and give the area a quick trim. If there is still some remaining, you can always fold it in on itself. Once all excess paper is removed, use some small double-sided tape and stick it under the folded tab so that it is fully-concealed.

    Repeat the same pleating process for the other side of the cylindrical gift. Pro Tip: Be sure to pleat in the opposite direction than you did for the first side.

  4. Add some decoration

    gift wrap bowWHSmith

    Choose the best-looking side, and angle it so that it is facing up. If you’d like, add a self-sealing bow, like Jane does.

Watch Jane Means’ video below to see how she wraps her tubed gift. What a helpful hack!

What do you think about Jane’s wrapping skills? Do you think that you could be a professional gift wrapper like our host? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!