In today’s world, we’re using our phones, tablets, and computers constantly for work, school, and fun. But what keeps those devices that we rely upon going? Their chargers, of course! It’s especially crucial that we keep our phones charged often, as they can be used during emergencies away from home. But, all too often, phone chargers become a pain in the neck. As your devices start to pile up, so do their chargers, until you’re swimming in drawers and drawers of loose, tangled cords. There’s still a way to reign in the chaos! Try wrapping your charging cable with the simple technique outlined in the video below. It only takes a few seconds and it keeps your chargers neat, contained, and ready to be used at a moments notice.

It doesn’t get much easier than this method of wrapping a charging cable! The technique takes about ten seconds and can be broken down into three, easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: Hold the thicker end of the cable in one hand and wrap the cable around the fingers of this base hand. Wrap around three or four times, until you have a nice bundle.
Step 2: Make sure you still have some slack in your charger, as you’ll wrap the remainder of the cable around itself.
Step 3: When you’ve run out of cable, tuck the smaller end of the cable into the loop you’ve created to hold everything together.

How to correctly wrap your phone charger.boingboing

With this technique, your cable will stay together in a nice, firm bundle. The wire won’t be able to get tangled, preventing any damage to your charger, and you’ll be eliminating clutter by keeping your wires contained and organized.

When it’s time to use your charger again, unraveling the cable is simple. All you have to do is remove the smaller end of the charger from the bundle, unwrap the charger from around itself, and the rest of the charger will unravel on its own.

This is the perfect method to try for when you’re traveling or if you need to get control of messy, tangled wire drawers in your home! It’s quick and simple to both do and undo.

What do you think of this technique? Do you use another way to wrap your chargers? Share your method in the comments section below.