Gift season’s here and it’s time to stockpile wrapping paper and presents. This is also the time of year for parties and potlucks, and chances are you’re going to buy a nice bottle of something for someone as a gift. You might even buy a case for multiple someones.

If you can’t wrap anything to save your life, then you probably stick everything in a gift bag from the dollar store. Wine bottle equals wine bottle bag. But come on, wouldn’t you like to try something else? We encourage you no-wrap stars to test your limits this season and ditch the bag-it-and-tag-it approach; that goes for you too, seasoned wrappers.

Why? Bags are so basic. Hence this bottle wrapping technique from pro Jane Means, who points out that this method can be used for things like wine, perfume, or bubble bath. She makes it so easy to wow your recipient with just a few tips.

Image of wrapped gifts.WHSmith
  1. Cut the Ribbon

    Jane suggests cutting your ribbon to size first since your hands will be occupied with holding the wrapping in place later. Wrap the ribbon around the neck of your bottle and make a “mock” bow. Trim it to size.

  2. Center the Bottle

    bottle wrap centerWHSmith

    If your tissue paper is not too thin or transparent, take one sheet and place it on a flat surface. Otherwise, you will need to use two. With the long side of the tissue paper facing you, stand the bottle in the center of the sheet.

  3. Lift & Hold

    Lift the center of the tissue up to the neck of the bottle’s back. Hold it in place with one hand. With your other hand, grab the paper from midway between the end and your still hand. Bring it up to the neck to make a pleat, catching it will your still hand.

  4. Cover a Half

    bottle pleatWHSmith

    Continue bringing the tissue in and upwards in a pleat formation until you have the bottle covered halfway. Jean refers to it as a semi-circle.

  5. Cover Another Half

    Now, swap hands to cover the other side. Bring the tissue paper in and upwards around the bottle but stop when you have a long, large corner of tissue paper left.

  6. Prevent Bubbling

    bottle wraps edgeWHSmith

    To prevent bubbling and gaping in your wrap, bring the shorter piece of tissue inwards and up under your thumb. Carefully wrap the remaining tissue (which should include that long corner) in an “in and up” motion until you have the pleated effect covering the entire bottle.

  7. Tie a Ribbon on It

    Lay the bottle at angle and place the ribbon around the neck. Tie a small, loose knot in it. Jane states that it’s possible the ribbon may need to come off in case you have to add more tissue.

  8. Make a Stem

    bottle wrap stemsWHSmith

    In the instance where the top of the bottle is not covered completely, take one piece of tissue paper and cut it in half width-wise. Grab one of the halves by its center and shake it into the form of a stem with a “puff” at the top. Do one half with the “good side” of the tissue facing inwards, and the other half with it facing outwards. Make a firm stem on each.

  9. Add a Stem

    Loosen your ribbon from the bottle, and open the wrapping just a tiny bit. Place one of the tissue stems on one side of the bottle’s top, and the other on the opposite side. Wrap the ribbon back around it. Lay the bottle down if it’s easier.


Make sure the ends of the ribbon are even before tying it into a bow. Snip the ends of the ribbon at a clean angle. Your bottles will be pretty and pleated with this technique, with no air gaps in the paper. Your party host will love it! Plus, why buy twenty gift bags when you can get thirty sheets of tissue paper in one pack? What do you think of this bottle wrap? Would you give it a shot? Tell us in the comments!