Having a bad day? Those days you wake up and expect for things to be business as usual can be upset when the universe throws you a curveball. Or an anvil.

You know how it goes. Sometimes the tiny things stay tiny and annoy you. And other times the tiny things snowball into something much worse. But then there are those times when you are reminded that your stuff isn’t as major as you thought. It’s quite humbling.

These pics below serve as that reminder. Quell your inner drama queen and learn to suck it up, buttercup, because these folks probably have you beat in the “WORST. DAY. EVER.” department. You’ll want to feel bad for someone else today.

  1. Legos have got nothing on this. Somebody’s in big trouble for toppling this tower.

  2.  The cost to fix this is gonna hit them like a ton of bricks.

  3. When you leave more than a cup of coffee on the top of your car’s roof.

  4. And you thought your oil change was taking way too long.

  5. At least there’s an excuse for the paint job not getting done.

  6. Yeah, this happened.

  7. Do you have the very special set of skills required for a job like this? Don’t think so.

  8. Um, we’ve all cut it close to being late, but really? This is where rushing at the pump lands you.

  9. Remember, every time you win, someone else loses. Like this.

  10. Poor fellow. This innocent car didn’t have anything to do with it.

  11. There can be no moving forward. . .or backward.

  12. When what could possibly go wrong, goes wrong.

  13. We doubt it’s empty. And what’s that you said about your morning commute?

  14. Is your car keeping things locked away from you too?

  15. We don’t think there’s a bright side to this situation.

  16. There’s definitely not one in this case either. We pity the person who has to clean this up.

  17. Imagine spending 30 minutes looking for your keys and then walking outside to this.

  18. Or this awesomeness.

  19. There are only two ways this could end. And a happy ending it is not.

  20. Can you spot the crushed Porsches along with some crushed dreams?

  21. You’ve probably never had to deal with this type of car trouble.

  22. At least you got to have your morning coffee. This guy didn’t.

  23. Suffering. Pure suffering.

If your heart is breaking just a little bit over any of these circumstances, you’re not alone. We’ve all had terrible days, but for some of these, “terrible” is too soft a description and the damage will last much longer. Yikes!

Have you had horrible day that could qualify for this list? Which of these made you cringe the most?