If you’re a dog owner, it’s always a good idea to put your dog on a leash. You may not realize it, but some people are scared of dogs, even the small cute ones, and sometimes even the most well-behaved dogs can be aggressive.

Many people find it very frustrating when dog owners refuse to put their dogs on a leash. In some unfortunate cases, they have actually gotten injured or their own pet who was on a leash has gotten injured.

If you’re a dog owner and if you don’t understand why it’s important to keep your dog on a leash, it might help to hear a few people vent about why they really want all dogs to be on a leash.

Reddit user mrsjhev1 wrote, “I dont care how well behaved your dog is, put it on a leash” and proceeded to tell a sad story about how a “friendly” off-leash dog attacked his dog and he ended up with a $6000 vet bill to save his dog’s life.

This sad story is just one example of why many people feel all dogs should be on a leash. Scroll down to hear other people vent about why dogs should be on a leash. Maybe you can relate.

  1. A Friendly Dog Is Now Aggressive

    Reddit user Ak40-couchcusion wrote:

    My dog used to be friendly, until he was attacked by an off leash dog, he wasn’t hurt, infect he scared the other dog off, however, because he was just attacked while we were minding our own business, he is now aggressive to other dogs and I have to be very careful when I walk him. I don’t walk him in public places anymore and it’s really sad.

  2. On The Sidewalk

    Actual_Gacy shared:

    Before I moved, I lived in a neighborhood where a woman would just let her German Shepherd outside, not on any kind of lead. She doesn’t have a fence of any kind either. I guess she thought she had trained the dog so well that he would never leave their yard.Well, stupid me, one morning I was walking down the gas station, and went by her house, not thinking about that dog. I heard a growl, and then looked up to see a fully grown shepherd running at me from the side of their house, teeth exposed and ready to take me out. Luckily this time she decided to join him outside. She called him back and said something lame like, “Sorry. He’s just a little territorial”. Lady. This is a public sidewalk. It’s just a matter of time before someone gets bit.

  3. A Horse Got Spooked

    pygmypuff42 explained:

    The horse i ride KILLED its previous owner, because a dog was off leash in a horse park and ran up to the horse and spooked her. Someone died and it still hasnt changed the dog owners attitude, they still walk the dog off leash in the same park.

  4. He Jumped the Fence

    Flushingtonn wrote:

    My pup and I were walking and an Alsatian jumped over a small fence 2ft where we live (owner was inside not watching either) I failed at a human shield and next thing you know my dogs getting stitches.

  5. “It’s Infuriating”

    MintySweater explained:

    It’s infuriating when irresponsible dog owners let their dogs just charge at a leashed dog. I also hate people with flexi-leashes who let their dogs walk 15 meters in front of them with no means of having any control over them. Other than the unpleasantry of having an uncontrolled dog in my dogs space, the razor thin leash is a tangle hazard and causes serious problems. If people could just give each other some space and be more respectful a lot of biting incidents could be avoided.

  6. It Would Be the Driver’s Fault

    Another Reddit user added:

    When I was in a car to go to the pet shop the other day, I saw somebody with an off lead dog walking right by the road. The road is incredibly busy and I wouldn’t even trust my on lead dog by it. My mind was completely at a loss at how people could be so idiotic as to trust their dog by such a busy road. And what really bothers me? If an accident did end up happening, the dog owner would surely blame the driver for what happened. Really bothers me and I feel so much for the dog.

  7. Cycling Accident

    tengeckos wrote:

    There’s a mile long cycle lane I use to get to and from work every day. The other half is for pedestrians. There are always people walking their dogs there without a lead, and the dogs often wander into the cycle lane. One time this happened and I ended up crashing and had a huge cut down my face which meant I had trouble eating and talking for weeks while it healed. I know I’m not the only one who’s had this problem on this cycle lane. It’s ridiculous and has left me with a slight fear of dogs, which really upsets me as a I love dogs. I just wish these dog owners would be more responsible!

  8. A Leash Is For Your Dog’s Safety

    plunk1039 explained:

    This is also true for people who have dogs that don’t like other dogs. My husband’s old rescue HATED other dogs. Although she never attacked any dog, we had a feeling she would if she got close enough. Regardless of how friendly your dog is, keeping it on a leash protects it from running up to unfriendly leashed dogs. My husband would have to pick up the 50lb dog and desperately try to get away from the off leash dog. People would give us dirty looks like “my dog wasn’t going to hurt her”. So annoying. We did that to protect your dog.

  9. Medical Bills

    Head-like-a-carp added:

    My 80 year old neighbor was walking her little dog on it’s leash. An unleased dog ran out if a store and tangled the lease around her leg. She falls and breaks her femur in two. Surgery with pins in the leg and months of physical therapy ahead and now getting some big medical bills in the mail. Fortunately she is in great health for age but this could of all been avoided. WATCH YOUR PET!

  10. Rabbit Owner

    TunaSammich87 explained:

    I have a rabbit, a prey animal by nature. And there are too many dog owners who don’t walk their dogs on leashes. As soon as they come out, I’m always watching them and their dogs, and they always look back at me so offended that I’m staring. Your animal could EASILY kill mine in a heart beat.

  11. Keep Dogs Out of the Road

    Damn_Amazon wrote:

    Can’t tell you how common it is for vets to see dogs with crushed pelvises from being run over by cars.

  12. Little Dogs Aren’t Safe

    EpicBK added:

    There are a bunch of little dogs in my neighborhood, and my 120 pound Akita (which were bred for bear hunting in japan) could easily kill them. Not even being aggressive, but just by playing he could accidentally kill them. It’s not ok to worry about my dog killing another dog just because you weren’t responsible enough to keep your dog on a leash/in your yard.

  13. Terrified While Running

    trapthread420 wrote:

    One time while going for a run, I came up behind this lady and I see she has this huge dog with her not on a leash. I don’t even know what kind of dog it was, it was like pitbull mixed with something else cause its head and neck were the size of a basketball. It’s just me this lady and her dog on this nature trail with no one else around. So I commit and give the lady a wide berth when I run passed her, I’m looking at her dog and back at her and back to her dog, and the dog was thankfully just happily panting along and didn’t see me as a threat, but it was still terrifying. I gave the girl a vibe of like, “seriously??”