Wondering If It’s Too Hot For A Dog-Walk? Take 5 Seconds To Know For Sure!

We all know by now that we should never leave a dog in a hot car, but have you ever given thought to how just being outside can affect your fur-baby? They don’t have shoes or sunscreen to protect them, so we have to be extra vigilant to make sure they won’t burn their sensitive paws or get overheated. How can we be sure we’re making the right decisions? By following this simple, five-second tip from Lifehacker.

So what do you have to do? Use the back of your hand! The skin there is super-sensitive and a good gauge for your pup’s sensitive paws. Simply place the back of your hand on the pavement where you plan on taking your walk and hold it there for five full seconds. If it’s too hot to handle, it’s definitely too hot for your pet. If you’re totally comfortable, take that walk!

Does this tip make sense to you? Do you have any tricks to share for protecting your pets for hot summer days?