13 Things That All Women Quietly Suffer Through All Summer Long

Consider this a compassionate ode to women everywhere who prepare for summer struggles. Or don’t. When the temperature shoots up, we know a unique set of problems arise that require a unique set of skills to handle.

Phew! Ladies, let’s commiserate together as we list some of the annoying things that we contend with in the summertime. Sometimes we ready ourselves in advance, but many times we just accept and adjust.

Join us in solidarity and smile to yourself as you realize you are not alone when you step into the inferno. And please, somebody pass a mirror for a quick once-over!

  1. Boob Sweat

    Forms a butterfly-shaped imprint on your shirt, and if you’re unlucky, a face.

  2. Neck Sweat

    We can’t forget this one or its opposite: bang sweat. Wear your hair down in 80-degree + heat and get mad at yourself for not having a hair band.

  3. Butt Sweat

    You know it well. It creeps up on you every time you sit (or walk), and sometimes leaves visual or audio evidence behind when you get up. Hear that? It’s the sound of your skin unsticking from the seat.

  4. Rompers & Jumpsuits

    It’s all stylish and fun until it’s time to use the bathroom. Who wants to get naked in a public restroom stall?

  5. Tan Lines

    When you burn or tan easily and have the custom gridlines all over your skin to prove it. They match up perfectly with your all your summer tops and swimsuits.

  6. Chub Rub

    Somebody actually gave a name for what happens when your thighs chafe together.

  7. Raccoon Eyes

    What happens when you combine regular mascara with pool water, ocean water, or grade-A sweat.

  8. Two-Piece Hate

    The top half of the bathing suit fits but not the bottom. Or vice versa. And to make it worse you can’t buy the one you like as separates. Bah!

  9. Wedgies

    Wearing shorts that continuously ride up means you’re constantly in wedgie removal mode –  with or without hands if you’re in public.

  10. Flashy Outfits

    We don’t mean because they’re cute. We mean because the fabric in the upper regions is lacking, you flash innocents when you bend over or when your strapless bra fails. And then it happens again to your skirt because surprisingly, there’s a breeze.

  11.  Sandal Feet

    A.k.a. flip flop feet. When the only clean part of your foot is where the straps were embedded.

  12. Bra Burn

    This one is a result of sunburn. How much aloe do you slather on before gently sliding your bra straps into place?

  13.  Shave

    Not only do you have to shave all the way up for the sake of your shorts, but you have to do it all the time.

Oh, how we love everything summer has to offer! The festivals, the late nights, the water, and the involuntary changes to our hygiene. As you swing between air-conditioned buildings and sweltering sidewalks and lawns, keep a pep in your step and some wet wipes in your purse.

What’s one of your biggest summer struggles? Which of these realities are part of your life? How do you handle your summertime woes?