Women Sizes 0 Through 28 Try on the Same Pair of Jeans and Have a Lot to Say on the Subject

Jeans: They’re either a staple in your closet or you stay far, far away from them.

There are so many kinds: skinny, flared, ankle, boyfriend…and depending on your body shape and size, you probably stick to the same style, because that’s what fits you best (or if you’re like me, the same exact pair because it’s the only one out of the seven in your closet that fits you well).

To step out of their comfort zone, Glamour asked 15 different women who range in jean sizes 0 through 28 to try on the same style of jeans, and then simply talk about their experience with them.

It sounds like a bit of an odd concept, but the result was actually heartwarming, and at times, dare we even say tear jerking.

At first, you think it’s a video of women complaining about jean shopping. They start off telling perturbing stories about how they can never find the right fit or style for their body, whether they’re the size 0 or the 28.

Some say the jeans are too long, or too short. They don’t fit over the booty. They have imposter pockets (seriously who invents those flaps you think are pockets and then you take them home and realize they’re a fake?). But here are some of the more powerful struggles that we might not think of:

  1. Finding your size at all.

    “I would love to shop in store, [but] a lot of brands that have stores, they don’t carry my size,” says the woman who’s a size 28. “Often, women above size 24, they feel like they’re forgotten. They feel like they’ve been passed over. Almost like they’re telling us that the larger you are in size, the less worthy you are of fashion.”

  2. Being disproportionate.

    One woman in the video talked about how she has lipodemia, which means she abnormally gains weight in her hips and thighs. That means she isn’t proportionate in the way other women are, so jeans can be harder to shop for.

  3. Not knowing your real size.

    Another woman talks about the struggle of being one size in one store, and another size in another store, and how that can be damaging on the mind, especially when you’re young. “You equate your size with your worth,” she says.

  4. Focusing too much on the number.

    “I believe women 100% are emotionally attached to the number,” one woman says, following up with the truest statement: “It’s crazy because nobody sees the tag except you. Since when did you become just a number?”

The last woman then goes on to reveal a revelation: “What if we decided jean shopping was fun?” she says. Once she brings up this good point, the woman are presumably asked what they feel like when they find jeans that fit them.

Just some of the answers include “Unstoppable,” “sexy,” and “I feel like I can take on the world.” Now that’s empowering!

Buying jeans isn’t something you think can cause so much anxiety, but unfortunately it can for some.

To learn more about the jean-shopping struggles of these women—and how they find a good pair of jeans, check out this amazing video below!