Woman’s Long Locks are a Fairy Tale Come True

Have you ever seen photos where artists reimagine fairy tale characters as real people? Well, this time you don’t need to, because there’s a real-life Rapunzel living in Europe.

Twenty-seven-year-old Aliia Nasyrova of Latvia has hair that’s 90 inches long. And it’s all her real, natural crown of locks. Aliia fell in love with long hair as a child, and cites being inspired by heroic female characters from fairy tales. With her mother’s support, she’s been able to grow her hair out to several feet in length. Whew!

In this video from Barcroft TV, we meet her and her amusing husband, Ivan. Can you imagine sleeping with so much hair? Aliia says she’s been growing it for over twenty years, and that it’s comparable to the weight of her cat – about 4 ½ pounds!

She spends about 20 minutes washing her 7-foot mane each week, and doesn’t blow dry it each time. With so much hair it can take all day to air dry, effecting her plans for the day. Hubby Ivan is super supportive and doesn’t mind, but admits they have to schedule their vacations and activities around Aliia’s hair maintenance needs. They usually tack on an extra day.

One of her go-to routines is weaving it into a long braid, which is sometimes rolled up and tucked into a long bun when they’re out and about. When at home, the braid takes on a life of its own. Ivan is hilarious as he shares that he speaks to the braid with respect, asking if he can move it around. As you can imagine, it takes up a lot of space. Watch the video to hear him describe his conversations.

Monthly visits to a professional salon help Aliia keep her ends trimmed to prevent tangling. Stylists seem to love it and think it’s well cared for. In this clip, she’s seen walking through a mall with her hair out, freely sweeping the floor behind her.

Her long tresses garner Aliia stares and other forms of attention from strangers on the street, which range from admiration to disbelief. She also says that some people flat out don’t like it. However, she still has lots of fans and a busy Instagram account.

With nearly 18,000 followers on the popular social media site, Aliia regularly shares videos and photos of her modeling and styling her hair. Though she does receive feedback from a few negative commenters, brands have taken notice and send her free haircare products to help with upkeep.

Aliia’s worst experience? She told Barcroft TV that once as a child, someone put gum in her hair during a visit to the theater. She had to cut a huge chunk of hair out of her head to clean it up, and it was a trying event. Time has certainly made up for the difference!

Catch a glimpse of Aliia’s hair habits and her strolls around town in the clip below. Are you enchanted by Aliia’s Rapunzel flow? Do you have a personal preference for long or short hair? Tell us in the comments!