Ouch! A woman in Virginia wants to let other ladies know about a horrifying discovery she made when unwrapping a tampon. She found a sharp metal hook-shaped object inside of it!

Harmony Grant noticed what looked like a black dot on the outer section of a tampon after she opened it, but after tinkering with it, realized it was a hook. She took a photo and shared it on social media with a warning about the product.

Grant also reached out the to makers of the Playtex brand tampons, Edgewell Personal Care, and they requested that she ship the product back to them for quality inspection and offered her a $7 refund. She was not satisfied with their response and decided not to send the item back.

Grant said that she almost made it through the entire box before finding the foreign object but is scared off of tampons for good. She has no plans to use this brand or any others.

Back in 2015, a similar post made the rounds on social media after a woman claimed to have found a hook in her U by Kotex tampon. Kimberly Clark investigated the product in question and stated the metal object was not a result of manufacturing flaws.

Click on the video to learn how Edgewell responded to the media’s requests for information on the matter.

Have you ever found a foreign object like this in a personal product? Do you know of similar stories? What do you think is the right remedy for this incident?