Traveling via airplane can be stressful in so many different ways. While some people might be scared of heights or claustrophobic, we personally worry most about our checked bags making it to our destination. Of course, really, the most stressful part of traveling via plane often has more to do with the airport than the airplane.

Before you even get on the plane, of course, there’s airport security. The hassle of taking off your shoes and making sure your water bottle is empty can be annoying, but we’re used to it. Then there’s waiting to board and hoping that there isn’t a kid sitting behind you who keeps kicking your seat or a baby who cries the entire trip; although, as parents, we understand that sometimes these things happen.

We try to plan for travel as well as possible. We always have an extra change of clothes in our carry-on bag and a sweater in case it’s cold on the plane. We make sure to wear something comfortable since we’ll be sitting in fairly cramped quarters longer than we’d like.

Imagine making it through airport security, waiting to board the plane and even being in your seat on the plane, dressed comfortably and waiting to take off when a flight attendant comes up to you and tells you that the plane isn’t going to take off while you’re on it. Why? Even though you’re wearing the same outfit you’ve flown in before, your go-to comfortable travel outfit, apparently this flight attendant thinks you’re dressed inappropriately.

This is exactly what happened to Emily O’Connor. She flies fairly frequently and was genuinely surprised when she was told that her outfit was offending people and inappropriate. She was wearing long pants and a crop top. Airport security didn’t say anything about her outfit, and she claims that she has worn the exact same outfit on previous flights.

Emily ended up giving in to the flight attendant’s demands. She put on a jacket so that she wouldn’t get kicked off the flight, but that didn’t mean that she agreed with the flight attendant’s decision.

Watch the video below to find out how Emily brought attention to this issue and what the higher ups at the airline had to say about it.

Do you think Emily’s outfit was inappropriate? Do you think it was unnecessary for her to have to wear a jacket so that she wouldn’t get kicked off the plane?