We all love ordering goods online, right? As a matter of fact, we love the new-fangled practice SO much that we often don’t even need to visit our local grocery or big-box stores anymore. Yep, shopping from home really is one of the greatest things about living in the 21st-century!

But convenience factor aside, sometimes online shopping can come with its kinks, especially in regards to delivery. You see, unless you’re lucky enough to reside in a building that has a doorman, or you are simply at home all of the time in the middle of the day, chances are you fear that your precious packages might be stolen right off your front doorstep.

If you don’t believe such a thing really happens, then you should check out the seemingly endless amounts of security video footage out there on the internet that proves otherwise. Heck, we’ve even shared a video with you that features a TODDLER stealing an Amazon package straight off of his neighbor’s stoop. Sure, it might be a highly adorable theft, but it’s a theft nonetheless!

So, when we recently caught wind of yet another package thief lurking around Washington, we just knew that we had to share the video with you. But, first, some background…

Homeowner Lizeth Ababneh lives in quiet Snohomish County, north of Seattle. It’s an area that has been described as “safe” and “family-friendly,” but that doesn’t mean that its citizens are immune from package thieves. In fact, Ababneh installed a front yard-facing security system to keep her goods safe from the culprits — but, even that hasn’t stopped her from worrying.

In an interview with local news station Q13, Ababneh details her frustration.

“It’s causing headaches,” the homeowner says. “After work, I have to go and pick up my package because I’m aware already that somebody else wants to steal it, which is not fair.”

Nope, it’s not fair indeed. But, you know what is fair? Or, kind of fair, at least? When Ababneh’s security cameras actually caught two of these sticky-handed robbers attempting to steal several packages off of the homeowner’s porch, one was met with a seriously painful injury, which was caused mid-getaway.

Ok, maybe fair wouldn’t be the right word, but as Ababneh says, it sure feels like karma showed her pretty face that fateful day!

Intrigued yet? Believe us, you should be. Normally, it’s not exactly socially-acceptable to laugh at the clumsy, but this is one instance where you can laugh ALL you want!

But, we don’t want to spoil this crazy video for you entirely–be sure to watch the uncut clip of the disastrous thief below. Oh, and before we forget–we’re also happy to report that both the thief AND her accomplice were eventually tracked down by the police after the footage went viral. Hooray for justice served!

We’d love to hear your take on this outrageous video! Do you think the female thief deserved her injury? Are you surprised that the male thief went back and picked up the packages? How do you keep your packages safe?