Woman Takes to Reddit to See If She’s the Jerk for Relocating Her Garden When She Moved Out

We would assume that it’s fairly common knowledge that if you rent a house or an apartment you would try to leave the property the same as you found in unless your contract stated otherwise. One Reddit user did just that, and her landlords are mad about it.

She shared that she moved into the rental when she was 18 years old. She is now 25 years old, and she was recently told by her landlord that she needed to move because they wanted to sell the property.

In her 7 years at the rental, she made one major improvement to the property. When she moved in, the backyard was just dirt. Over time, she transformed the backyard into a green oasis, but she did it in a very smart way. Since it was a rental, she didn’t plant anything directly in the ground. Instead, she used transportable garden beds. She even added a transportable pizza oven, a greenhouse and a garden shed to her outdoor oasis.

Before selling the property, the owners took pictures of the house and the backyard. Now that she has moved out, the owners are mad that she took her garden with her. They claim that she has “wrecked” the backyard and “stolen” their plants.

Some of her co-workers think she is in the wrong since she let the owners take pictures of the backyard and didn’t tell the landlord she wasn’t going to leave it that way. Apparently, buyers saw pictures of the outdoor oasis she had created and were disappointed when they came to look at the house and just found a backyard covered in dirt.

She says that it never crossed her mind that buyers would expect the backyard to look the same way when they bought the house. She pointed out, “i saw the landlords taking pictures of my backyard before I left but didn’t make the connection because imho when pictures of a house has furniture in it, you don’t expect to also get free furniture.”

The Reddit community seems to disagree with her co-workers. They think that she is in the right. After all, the landlord didn’t pay for any of the garden supplies. One comment reads, “You invested your time, money and energy into creating your space. I assume your landlord did not compensate you for your gardening activities. Therefore they have no claim to your garden.”

Another comment reads, “The landlord is just salty because he tried to pull a fast one and it didn’t work.”

Yet another Reddit user wrote, “I am also a gardener, and know many other gardeners. Taking your garden with you when you move is standard.”