Farmer’s Almanac Has Released Its Forecast Predictions for the Winter Ahead

Breaking news: summer is officially over! That’s right, the leaves are starting to turn, the kids are back in school and loving it (just kidding!), and that first fall chill has descended upon us.

Can you tell that we’re not big fans of cold weather?

Well, if you aren’t either, we’ve got some news for you that might, unfortunately, ruin your day. According to 2018-2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac, much of this country will be experiencing a colder–and snowier!–than normal winter.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

Now, we know what you might be thinking: Why in the heck would I trust some old-school almanac when my local weatherman can’t confidently tell me whether or not it’s going to be rainy or sunny tomorrow?!

We totally hear you on that one–we, too, harbor less-than-trustworthy feelings when it comes to weather reports, but we DO trust the Old Farmer’s Almanac. It’s celebrating its 200th year for a reason–the publication is really, really accurate. As a matter of fact, it’s a tool that is still widely used in today’s agricultural communities because it boasts an 80% accuracy rating!

But, back to the bad winter coming…

Apparently, the teeth-chattering, cold and snowy weather is actually going to last quite a long time. The Almanac predicts that the worst of it will occur in that late winter and will continue into the early spring. Depending on your location, this can mean cold weather in April or even May!

To learn even more about the Farmer’s Almanac 2018-2019 winter predictions, including the parts of the country that will get hit the worst, be sure to watch the video below. It’s time to start unpacking those gloves and hats, folks!

We’d love to hear your take on these winter weather predictions. Are you surprised by this news? Do you trust the Farmer’s Almanac? How are you planning on preparing for winter?