While there’s a long list of items that parents add to baby registries when they have their first child, one of the essentials is a car seat. You can’t bring your baby home from the hospital without a car seat properly installed in your car.

If you live somewhere that has cold weather in the winter, like the type of cold weather that causes you to bundle up in warm, puffy coats, you hopefully already know that kids aren’t supposed to wear those puffy coats in car seats.

It can be so inconvenient to deal with cold weather and car seats. Kids put on the coats then get to the car and take off the coats to sit in the car seat. Then, before they leave the car, they have to put the coat back on again. Running errands in the winter can become a huge pain.

Image of babies in car seats.

While many parents experience this inconvenient coat issue, one mom, Dahlia Rezik, came up with a solution. She first thought of the idea when her now 20-year-old daughter was a child. She thought that if the coat’s zipper was moved to the side of the coat instead of in the middle, it would allow room for the cat seat’s buckle to be placed under the coat. Instead of taking the coat all the way off, you’d only need to unzip and rezip the zipper.

She set the idea to the side and didn’t think of again until years later when she saw another mom trudging through a parking lot carrying a carseat with a blanket over the child inside. She remembered her coat idea for car seats and decided to see if she could make a prototype.

She had her prototype jacket crash tested at a lab in Michigan and ended up creating her own company, Buckle Me Baby Coats.

In December 2016, she posted a video of her nephew wearing one of her coats on Facebook. The video drew so much interest that she started a Kickstarter campaign for the coats.

Now, she sells the coats online in sizes ranging from 6-9 months all the way up to size 14. Prices range from $79 to $150. She runs the company out of her home with the help of her two younger children.

Rezik says, “I said, ‘Let me see if this works,’ and it did. I said, ‘Let me see if there is interest,’ and there was.”

See these Buckle Me Baby Coats for yourself in the video below.