You Can Now Buy Winter Apparel With Built-in Battery-Powered Heaters to Keep You Extra Warm

Picture this scene: You’re letting your dog out in the morning on a cold, winter day. You’ve got your gloves, hat, scarf, your cup of coffee, but you’re still freezing as you watch the pup chase a squirrel. Wouldn’t it be nice to be under the covers instead right now?

I don’t know about you, but I’m even cold even when wearing a big, poofy winter jacket. Winter time is the bane of my existence—the snow, ice, below-freezing temps…it seems like I just can’t escape freezing no matter what I do.

Well, until now!

If you’re always cold like I am, maybe it’s time to invest in a jacket with a built-in heater. Yes, that’s what we said: There’s a coat that comes with a heater inside of it to keep you extra toast warm. We just found out about it’s just what we’ve been looking for to do the trick to keep us warm all season long.

The company behind the brilliance is called Ororo. Their heated jacket contains three carbon fiber heating elements that create heat across all the parts of your body that are usually cold that a coat is supposed to keep warm—your chest, back, etc. It’s like a seat warmer in your car, but for your body!

This jacket seriously has so many uses that we don’t know where to wear it first. How about when you’re ice skating? Or skiing? Snowboarding? Waiting outline in a long line of people to get into a store or restaurant? Or if you’re locked out of your car or house on a winter day? Or if you’re inside your house but your heater breaks? Just press that button in any of these situations and suddenly your whole body will radiate with heat!

Besides heating you up outside, the jacket also has a USB port for charging smart phones and other mobile devices. They really thought of everything for being outside in the cold for a long period of time!

The jacket itself is really stylish and not too bulky. It’s wind-proof for those extra breezy days, and is made of a water resistant so you can stay not only warm, but comfortable when it’s snowing out. People just can’t get enough of it!

“I am one of the coldest people I know,” someone wrote. “The coat gets warm across the back and the chest! That is enough to keep you nice and toasty warm!”

“I love it. I work outside and wear it underneath a fleece jacket,” another customer wrote.

“Worth it even got one for my 85 year old father as he gets cold easily,” someone else wrote.

Ororo doesn’t have just jackets. They sell all sorts of apparel from vests to fleeces, sweatshirts to even safety bombers, all of which contain that battery-operated heating device right inside of them.

The jacket is $139.99 on Amazon with the other products around the same price as well.

Would you ever buy a heated jacket, or any kind of heated apparel? How do you usually stay warm in the winter?