Prince William and Duchess Kate Sent Out Their Most Casual Christmas Card to Date

It’s not every day that people send mail through the actual post office anymore. Most of the “mail” that we receive comes in the form of email while our physical mailbox is filled with bills and ads from stores…except for a certain time of year.

Christmas cards have certainly not gone out of fashion. December is probably the only month when we find multiple cards from family and friends waiting for us in our mailbox. There’s something special about opening them.

All of the card styles are so different too, and it’s always interesting to see who chose what kind of card to send. Some people write long letters summarizing their year. Some people buy a box of cards and sign their name inside.

The type of Christmas card that seems to be more and more popular every year is the type where you customize it with photos of your family. That’s why everyone seems to be scrambling to have professional family photos taken in early Fall.

The royals seem to love the family photo-type Christmas card too. Prince William and Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan and Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have all released their holiday cards for the year, and they couldn’t be more different.

All three couples chose to use a family photo on their cards, but their choice of photo says a lot about their differences.

William and Kate’s Christmas card looks a lot like the ones we commonly find in our mailbox this time of year. It features the happy couple along with their children posed together smiling at the camera. The backdrop is scenic, taken at their home, and their clothes are casual yet coordinated. It looks effortless, understated and not especially fancy or “royal.”

Charles and Camilla’s photo was taken on a warm summery day. They’re looking at each other instead of at the camera. It has the feel of a candid shot, but we’re sure it was posed.

Then there’s the first ever Christmas card photo of Harry and Meghan as husband and wife. There are no smiling faces staring at the camera. The photo isn’t even in color. The couple chose a previously unreleased wedding photo, and it’s true Hollywood glam.

To see the photos for all three Christmas cards, watch the video below.

Which royal Christmas card photo do you like the best? What kind of Christmas card do you send to family and friends?