Here’s What Body Language Experts Have Analyzed About William and Kate’s Relationship with Their Kids

Whether or not you are a fan of the Royal Family, there’s one unavoidable truth about Britain’s most celebrated dynasty—its youngest generations are really, really likable.

Take, Prince William and his growing brood, for instance. Will and Kate’s kiddos, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, pretty much look like Baby Gap models—and their folks aren’t too shabby themselves.

Now, looks aside, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are wonderful parents. “And, HOW do you know this?” you may ask.

While we’ll readily admit that we don’t have the luxury of being flies on the wall in Kensington Palace (though that would be really awesome), we have had our eyes focused squarely on these royals for quite some time—and, in doing so, learned a lot about how they treat their children.

We’ve shared with you Prince William’s habit of bending down to meet the eyes of his children when he speaks to them—a parenting technique that is endorsed by leading child psychologists.

In our research, we learned that both Will and Kate’s parenting chops don’t just stop there, they consistently use physical cues to ensure they stay in tune with their kids—even when there are crowds of people around.

How body language experts are validating Will and Kate’s parenting skills

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who had picked up on these royals’ nurturing ways because Good Housekeeping recently enlisted the help of body language experts to get a better idea of what Will and Kate may be “saying” to their children through their unique movements.

One of the first things that Patti Wood, a body language expert, noticed was what we had already pointed out—the eye contact. She says, “[Maintaining eye contact] shows that their children are their primary focus, regardless of how many cameras are in their face.”

Another body language expert, Traci Brown observed that, at the times both parents weren’t crouching down to meet the eyes of the little prince and princess, they were “shielding” them, by gently holding their hands and hovering over the kiddos.

Now, at first glance, the stance may appear to be domineering, but Brown assures us that this has everything to do with supporting and protecting Prince George and Princess Charlotte. “William is letting his son determine how much he needs him…Prince George is only holding on to his father with a few fingers, proving that he is comfortable with the situation,” Brown explains.

It appears as though Prince William isn’t the only parent that shows his body language on his sleeve—so does his wife, Kate.

Patti Wood points out that Kate is regularly seen “fixing” her kids’ hair. Now, it may look like she’s attempting to smooth down that baby hair on the DL, but according to Wood, she is actually protecting them from the glare of the cameras.

In fact, when Kate exhibits this behavior, with a flat hand and straight elbow, her body language is actually telling the onlookers to “back off”. Makes sense, right?

It’s good to see that even those who have all of the money and power in the world, still put the important things first!

We’d love to hear your take on Prince William and Duchess Kate’s parenting skills. Are you surprised that the two are so attentive towards their kids? Do you agree with the body language experts’ assessments? Do you think their next child will be a prince or a princess?