We have something that we simply can’t keep to ourselves anymore—we are absolutely ENAMOURED with the royal family! The Queen is beyond regal and Prince Harry is quite the stud, but the two that, we feel, are the ones to watch are none other than Will and Kate.

Over the years, we’ve come to love this couple because they are just so dang cute, but lately, we’ve noticed that they are quite the attentive parents. You see, if you take a closer look at the images that feature either one of them spending time with their children, you’ll notice that both the Prince and the Duchess crouch down when speaking to their little ones.

It’s a parenting technique that isn’t anything new, but it’s also one that most experts agree is an effective one. According to the Child Development Club, bending down to a tot’s eye level does a whole lot of good.

Most people who work with young children spend their time kneeling, sitting cross-legged, or crouching – and for good reason. The common denominator among these three approaches is of course that they make you short. Short is good. Short allows children to read your face and to look at your mouth when you talk.

They can see all those articulators, like your lips, teeth and tongue, moving to form words. They learn how to form words themselves. They can hear you better. You can hear them better. They are better able to focus on what you are saying. You are not distracted so they know what you are saying is important and they take it more seriously.

Makes perfect sense to us!

It’s significant to note that Will and Kate aren’t the only ones that practice this eye contact technique; none other than our former president Barrack Obama does it, too. How adorable are those three guys together?!

Not everyone’s a fan of the eye contact

As it turns out, even though the royal pair has plenty of experts backing up their parenting technique, the most important resident of Buckingham Palace isn’t a fan. Back in 2016, cameras captured the Queen scolding her grandson, Prince William, while he was crouching down next to his toddler son as they both enjoyed a public display.

To be fair to her highness, it’s not fair to conclude that she is COMPLETELY against this method of communication, but she clearly doesn’t want members of the royal family to do it in public.

While we have the utmost respect for the Queen, we think Prince William should stand his ground on this one; after all, it must be scary for those little ones to have all of those cameras and onlookers around!

To learn even more about Prince William and Duchess Kate’s displays of exemplary parenting, be sure to watch the video below. It’s good to know that this pair doesn’t let their celébrité get in the way of their kids’ needs!

We can’t wait to hear your take on Will and Kate’s parenting style. Do you crouch down when you speak to your little ones? If so, do you feel that it’s beneficial? Do you have any special ways that you communicate with your kids that you’d like to share?