This 1 Device Relieves Snoring, Dry Skin & The Winter Blues

Winter can be beautiful – or so we hear! – but there are SO many reasons to dread the cold season. Between the illnesses, dry air, and seasonal blues, it’s enough to make anybody start perusing the classifieds for homes in warmer climes. For most of us, though, “wintering” somewhere else is a dream far, far out of our budgets— so what’s a would-be snowbird to do? According to All You, we should turn to one little device that – for usually under $60! – can solve all our winter woes: a humidifier!

Yes, this humble appliance is one you should invest in for all kinds of beneficial returns and results. Did you know it can:

  1. Stop snoring?

  2. Or at least make it a little quieter, since dry nasal passages increase snoring volume.

  3. Cure colds more quickly?

  4. Moistening those nasal passages not only makes your sleep more quiet, it also makes it more sound, since it helps you recover from and prevent colds, allergy symptoms, asthma attacks, nosebleeds and sinus pressure. No wonder our moms used to put one in our rooms when we were sick as kids!

  5. Soften skin?

  6. Dry air = dry skin and chapped lips. Hydrated air = soft skin and healthy lips. Enough said.

  7. Preserve wood furniture?

  8. Dry air isn’t only damaging to us; it can warp wood, too! Keep your possessions in top form by making the air in your home a little more humid.

  9. Reduce bills?

  10. You know that old summertime saying, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity?” Make it work for you in the wintertime! Humid air holds heat, which means you can dial down your thermostat and save money on heating bills without freezing!

Hydrated, healthy and warm— we might just make it through this winter after all, thanks to the humble humidifier. Be sure to check out All You’s article for more information and their recommendations for affordable, portable models. Do you sleep with a humidifier in the wintertime? Did any of these benefits surprise you, or do you have any you can add to the list?