Mom of an Autistic Boy Hid a Tape Recorder in His Backpack and Got Two Teachers Fired

Recently, we’ve been left positively horrified by the seemingly endless amount of news reports detailing stories of abuse and misconduct in America’s schools. From racist teachers to sexist dress codes to a school’s bus driver being fired for simply doing a good deed, it’s no wonder why parents are becoming increasingly more concerned about what’s going on behind the walls of their child’s school.

In today’s story, you’ll meet Milissa Davis, a Baton Rouge mother who took it upon herself to get to the bottom of why her son’s behavior at home had changed drastically in the days after he had started classes at his newest school, Hope Academy.

Davis’ son, 12-year-old Camden, is classified as “special needs”; the boy is severely autistic, which means that he needs continued support and specialized lessons to help him learn in the ways that serve him best. When his mother learned of Hope Academy’s good reputation, especially in terms of its special needs students, she enrolled Camden in the program.

All seemed to be going as planned at Camden’s new school until Davis began noticing drastic changes in her son’s behavior. The boy that was once described as being “outgoing” and “happy-go-lucky” was now exhibiting aggressive behavior and even bed-wetting. Surprised by this sudden shift in behavior, Camden’s mother began to suspect her son’s new school had something to do with his acting out.

In an interview with local Baton Rouge news station WBRZ, Davis reveals that she hid a tape recorder in Camden’s backpack in order to get a better, more thorough understanding of what her child’s day entailed. What she would hear on that very tape when her son came home would shock her.

Davis learned that the special needs student was victimized by the individuals who should have been contributing to his educational experience– his teacher and a teacher’s aide. In the recording, both women can clearly be heard shaming the boy and intimidating him into completing assignments that might be beyond his ability levels.

Deeply disturbed and upset by what she uncovered, Davis went straight to the principal, and eventually lawyered up so that she could seek justice for Camden. Since making her first formal complaint, her story has gained much traction and support and has even been covered by various news outlets around the world.

In addition to the positive attention, the mother’s secret recordings have forced Hope Academy to take swift action against these wayward educators– one has already been fired and the other will be teaching her last day at the school within the next several weeks.

It’s a horrifying scenario for all parents, but we are happy to hear that some justice has been served. To learn more about Camden’s mistreatment and to hear the shocking hidden tape for yourself, be sure to watch the video below.

We’d love to hear your take on this story! Were you surprised to hear about this little boy’s hellish school experience? Have you or someone you loved ever been discriminated against for being special needs? If so, would you care to share your story?