Fans of The View have been aware that one of the show’s co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, has been absent from the table since early February. Since then, people have wondered and worried about her well-being and status on the show.

In light of public speculation and rumors – including one that Goldberg was prepping to host the Oscars – host Joy Behar posted a video on social media in mid-February. She joked that Goldberg was out on maternity leave, but then later assured viewers that she was actually sick from pneumonia.

During that time, no one had heard directly from the 63-year-old comedienne, and some still had questions. Until now. For the first time since her absence from the show, Whoopi Goldberg is talking to the public about why she’s been out and what’s been happening since her leave.

In this witty video, you’ll get to hear about her pneumonia diagnosis and where things are headed for her with The View. Based on Behar’s comments, it should not have been a surprise that she was NOT a surprise host or presenter at the Academy Awards, but new rumors sprouted after the event about Goldberg’s whereabouts.

Listen to Whoopi’s thankful message to fans in her own words by pressing play on the vid below. She’s not in a casket or hospital gown!

Were you aware of the rumors surrounding Goldberg’s absence? What was your theory? Your thoughts on her condition and health?