If you fly often (or even if you don’t), it’s no secret that airplanes don’t always offer the most comfortable accommodations in the transportation world.

There’s rocky turbulence, barely any room for your personal item (let alone your legs), and you’re so close to your travel partner (or worse, a stranger) that you can smell what they ate for breakfast.

The good news? If you’re lucky enough to have the option to choose where you sit on an airplane, the spot you pick can make a huge difference in your travel experience. So the next time you take a big trip, be sure to choose strategically.

Whether you’re a nervous flyer or someone who just needs more space for their stems to breathe, there are a few areas you can sit on the plane that just might make your trip more bearable. And a more comfortable trip equals a more happy traveler, so you can land and enjoy your trip as you deserve!

Before boarding, let’s take a closer look at the best seats:

Emergency exit row seat

Opting for a seat in the emergency exit row is especially helpful for the person who needs more room for their legs— which would benefit most of us, but particularly tall people with long legs or anyone flying with pets, for example.

There are a few caveats with this one—it does require you to help in an emergency, for one. And there are a few qualifications for that, like being physically capable, as well as willing to perform, in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

Additionally, sometimes a seat in the emergency row might cost you a few extra bucks (but not as much as a first-class ticket, so it could be worth it for the comfort). These seats are always roomier, so if you hit all those marks, a seat here just might make sense for you.

Over the wing

If you’re someone who gets a little (or a lot) anxious over the bumps and knocks of turbulence, then a seat over the wing is the perfect spot for you. Because the wing is located closest to the plane’s centers of lift and gravity, you’ll experience a smoother and less bumpy ride than in other seats.

On that note, seats located in the front and back of the plane tend to bounce more than a seat over the wings—so definitely keep that in mind when picking your seat.

Near the wing

While sitting directly over the wing is ideal for a quieter, smoother ride, a row or two forward or behind the wing can work, too.

Note: Perhaps opt for behind, which might be an even safer seat, especially more towards the back. Seats located behind the trailing edge of the wing had the highest average survival rate in the event of a crash, according to a study from Popular Mechanics. Now that’s something to think about!

What about a window, middle, or aisle seat? If you want to know even more about the top places to sit on an airplane, check out the video below!