Where to Find Promo Codes for Amazon

Amazon.com is already a great place to save money, so wouldn’t it be great to find even more savings on top of their low prices? MakeUseOf.com has created a list of some of the top sites that feature Amazon promotional codes. Here are a few of them:

  • TopHotDeal: this list is updated with great Amazon promo codes each month. It also includes a matrix at the top meant for easy browsing. You’ll also find “coupon books” where you can place Amazon products for immediate discounts.
  • DaddyODeals: you’ll find Amazon promo codes for the current month in their “Hot Online Deals” forum.
  • CurrentCodes: a very straightforward source for promo codes that includes expiration dates.

For more sites that will help you find deals on Amazon, head over to 5 Online Source For Amazon Promotional Codes.