13 Bizarre and Notable Things That Will Happen When William Becomes King

With Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne for so long (nearly 70 years!), it’s hard to imagine anyone else as the queen or king. But we couldn’t help but wonder, what would it be like if Prince William were to become the king?

It could happen—if Queen Elizabeth abdicates or passes away, the throne will go to the next in line, which is Prince Charles (Prince William’s father). However, if he abdicates or passes away, Prince William will become His Royal Highness.

So what would change if William became king? Kind of a lot. Here are some pretty interesting things we can come to expect when that happens:

  1. Money will be different.

    In the U.S., currency doesn’t ever really change—past presidents are all over the dollar bills, and it doesn’t matter if they’re currently alive. However, in England, currency changes to match the next sovereign. Right now, Queen Elizabeth’s face is on England’s currency, and if William were to become king, paper money and coins will all have to be reprinted with his face on it. (Note: If Prince Charles takes the throne, however, money will then have Prince Charles on it; once he abdicates or passes away, everything will need to be reprinted once more.)

  2. Stamps and postage will change as well.

    Besides currency, stamps and other post office-related documents are required to change with a new ruler as well. Right now, stamps in England have the Queen’s face on them. Additionally, mailboxes currently say “E II R” for Elizabeth II. W—and new mailboxes will represent William’s name if he were to become king.

  3. He and his family will have to move.

    Right now Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate Middleton, and their three children, all reside at the lovely Kensington Palace, which was where Princess Diana lived until she passed away. If William becomes king, they’d be required to move to Buckingham Palace, which is a whopping eight stories tall and houses almost 800 rooms within it (Kensington Palace is a mere four stories).

  4. His name will change.

    When king, William will have a say in what he wants to be called. Typically, the new sovereign uses a name that has already belonged to someone in the monarchy. He could keep his name, but will be called King William the Fifth. While keeping his name is expected, he could choose a new name like Henry or George. But let’s hope he doesn’t, because that would be pretty confusing!

  5. There will be a new national anthem.

    In England, the anthem has the line “God Save The Queen” in it. Of course, William would be the king, not the queen, so the song would change “God Save The King.” (Though remember that if Prince Charles becomes king before William, the song might have already been changed—either way, it’s changing after the queen steps down!).

  6. There will be a funeral.

    You know what else will happen no matter what? A funeral. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but remember: Prince William will become king when the queen passes away and his father abdicates or passes away—so no matter what, when he becomes king, it will be bittersweet because of the mourning period for the entire country.

  7. There will be a coronation.

    While this will likely be several months after the passing of the last ruler (to properly have time to mourn), the celebration will then begin, and a coronation will be held to welcome the William as the king of the UK. This might could be the next big celebration after the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan!

  8. Christmas will look a little different.

    Since 1932, the annual Christmas Broadcast has been an important part of British Culture. It started with King George VI, with Queen Elizabeth taking over in 1939 broadcasting it on TV. William will have to continue this tradition—and we’re kind of hoping he gets his kiddies involved in it, because that would be precious.

  9. He won’t be able to be a court witness.

    As king, William wouldn’t be able to be a witness in court—which would be kind of crazy if he witnesses a crime and couldn’t talk about it! Of course, royals aren’t typically alone in a situation where they could witness a crime, so hopefully we never have to worry about that.

  10. His daily duties will be different but also the same.

    William and his wife Kate are known for their focus on charities. As king, William will be expected to continue their philanthropic efforts. That probably won’t be too hard for him—plus commoners may start focus on helping others as well, just like their new king.

  11. William will likely know more than the queen when she was appointed.

    That’s because Queen Elizabeth spent a lot of time training him for the day he comes king, ever since he was a teenager. The Queen has done a remarkable job, but she wasn’t as prepared as William is. It’s too bad she won’t be able to see him in action.

  12. He will be able to appoint archbishops and bishops.

    As king, William will also take on the role of Supreme Governor of the Church of England, which will give him the ability and duty to appoint both archbishops and bishops to the church. He’ll have to consult with the current UK Prime Minister, who will then consult with leaders of the church, but overall, William will be making these decisions.

  13. Young George would be next in line.

    At just four years old currently, William’s eldest son would be next in line for the throne once William becomes king. Following George would be Princess Charlotte, his little sister, and then their newest brother, Prince Louis. We might have some pretty young kings and queens in the future!

Isn’t it crazy to think what could happen if Prince William became king someday? It could happen!